HOLISTICA Journal of Business and Public Administration has been the result of the authors’ need to approach the ‘in integrum’ phenomena, processes and structures in different specializations. The complexity of socio-economic life is a sine qua non that determines specialists to pay more attention to the influence of its parts as a whole, to configure and reconfigure the whole process through modifying its parts. The multitude of relations and interdependences between the economic, social and political environments create the context for integrated multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary analyses, in which specialists from various thematic areas could offer solutions to current issues.
Starting from the definition of the term holism – a conception which interprets the thesis of the irreducibility of the whole to the sum of its parts, considering an immaterial, unknowable principle as an ‘integrating factor’ in the world (DEX), the journal aims to gather scientific and methodological research, viewpoints that would explain the behavior of the specific components and their effects on the whole.