International conferences

International conferences are an opportunity to bring together academics, researchers and practitioners to discuss current issues in the socio-economic field. These can bring together personalities from different countries, who together with the specific issues can share their own experiences and especially can bring the specific cultural imprint of the country of origin. They are also an opportunity to promote the values and culture of the host country being able to visit historical, natural, tourist places etc.

The possibility to share the results of scientific research with others, but especially the possibility to discuss opinions, opinions, points of view and conclusions is the big gain that international conferences offer us. Knowing other specialists concerned with topics of common interest offers, besides the constitution of international research networks and an opportunity to position your time and space your own research directions.

SNSPA encourages the organization of events and the creation of international networks of scientific research.

  • International Conference Global Economy & Governance (since 2013)
  • International Conference Comparative Public Administration and Management (since 2014)
  • International Conference EUROPEAN PERSPECTIVES OF LABOR MARKET – Innovation, Competence, performance (since 2013)
  • International Conference Economy-History- Society (since 2014)
  • Other events