It is a public institution of higher education and research. Nowadays, NUPSPA  represents the landmark of quality, dynamism, openness towards Europe and the world. NUPSPA has fulfilled its major objective to train a new political and administrative elite of Romania.  Providing an outstanding portfolio of Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programmes, NUPSPA has succeeded to create a knowledge space in the area of governance sciences as well as to develop an accountable, active behaviour, aimed to contribute to democracy strengthening in Romania. 


Romanian Academy

Represents a symbol of spirituality, forum of consecration and area of fundamental research. The Institute for Economic Forecasting aims to become a reliable and competitive scientific interface between Romania and the rest of Europe, and an attractive potential network node in a future European system of macroeconomic research and economic policy formulation and analysis.


The Palace of the Parliament

It is a  monumental building  which stands for the most precious symbol of democracy in Romania, that is the Parliament, serving the high and noble aim we have all aspired for: equal and complete representation of the Romanian people.


The Romanian Banking Institute

The Romanian Banking Institute aims at improving the professional training and specialization of staff from the financial-banking sector, according to the strategy determined by the National Bank of Romania, in cooperation with the Romanian Banking Association. It is oriented towards the development of a coherent and unified system of ensuring the highest standards of quality in continuous vocational training for the financial services sector.