The International Conference Global Economics and Governance is the annual meeting of the economic community with government officials, bringing together researchers and practitioners around the globe to debate the newest topics in the fields of economic development and governmental policies. 

The complexity and dynamics of the present socio-economic environment trigger-off inter-, multi- and cross-disciplinary approaches and solutions. Politicians, government officials, business representatives expect from academics to be involved and to come up with new theories, mechanisms, tools, best practices, know-how transfers not only in their specific areas of research but also in cross-boundary fields of expertise.  

Against this background, the organizers are expecting relevant contributions for the conference covering the following sections: economics and business, finance and investments, economic modelling and forecast, public administration and law, governance and globalization, communication and public relation, management and marketing, global vs. European. 

Significant contributions to the debates are expected from academics and professionals from the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, the EU member states, US as well as from other countries and regions, who were invited to attend the conference. This will provide a proper opportunity to understand cultural and/or structural differences between economic systems, governing mechanisms and patterns, in order to narrow gaps and to create world wide connections and compatibilities. 

In order to address – in a cooperative, global manner - the challenges of the 21st Century, organizers call for research papers addressing issues related to improving performances in public and private organizations, modern policies and mechanisms in governance and global economics, theories and solutions for improving the quality of life.