Global Economy & Governance – Interdisciplinary Research Platform is a scientific research network focused on the complexity and dynamics of the present socio-economic environment that is trigger-off inter-, multi- and cross-disciplinary approaches and solutions. Politicians, government officials, business representatives expect from academics to be involved and to come up with new theories, mechanisms, tools, best practices, know-how transfers not only in their specific areas of research but also in cross-boundary fields of expertise.


The best solution of the actual challenges could be founded by joint research teams due to their global roots and effects. The Global Economy & Governance – Interdisciplinary Research Platform is promoting the partnership with universities, research institutes and centers from Romania and abroad to find subjects of general interest and to propose solutions. Financial support for research projects is access through national and international financial mechanism as EEA, SEE, Erasmus+, Leonardo, Structural Funds etc.


We are interested in setting up partnership with foreign and Romanian universities, research institutes and centers, NGOs, organizations, companies etc. that are interested in developing and supporting the scientific research and network. Exchange information internationally offers the opportunity for Romanian scientists to increase the visibility of their research and also to have access to other colleagues’ findings.


Global Economy & Governance – Interdisciplinary Research Platform organize several events on regular basis or on spot. These offers the possibility to bring together specialist from different countries, areas of research and to create a climate of ideas, knowledge, culture, science without borders, limits and inhibition, a free space of creativity and innovation.

Meet The Team

Adriana GRIGORESCU General Manager

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Corina-Georgiana ANTONOVICI Clusters Coordinator

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Crina RĂDULESCU International Projects Coordinator

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Eva MILITARU Labour Market and Social Protection Custer Coordinator

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Corina-Georgiana ANTONOVICI



Ana-Maria ZAMFIR Sustainable Development Custer Coordinator

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Luminița Mirela OLTEANU Holistic Management Custer Coordinator

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Tatiana-Camelia CRUCEANU (DOGARU) National Projects Coordinator

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Răzvan-Ion CHIȚESCU Publications Executive Officer

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Ana Maria ZAMFIR

Luminița Mirela OLTEANU

Tatiana-Camelia CRUCEANU (Dogaru)


Andreea MOCANU Assistant manager

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Andreea MOCANU

In Progress

The project SKOPE4GEG aims to enhance the higher education driving to a career knowledge production (knowledge production is considered by us education at college and university level and research, this is associated with a teaching position in high school or university, as well as a research position in university or research institute) using a training module designed to provide knowledge and develop skills to young students enrolled in a master or PhD programme. At the same time, the quality of the higher education programs targeting the employment in business environment will be improved with an additional training module offering education and skills for knowledge transfer. The SMEs are facing difficulties in proceeding the transfer of the research results in practice and they are looking for training programs for their employees or for already educated candidates. We consider that a position of promoter of knowledge transfer (knowledge transfer in our sense means using the research results and enforce them in practice, using inventions, innovations, patents for production or services, using studies, reports, methods, procedures etc. and in practical assignments) is a real need identified for the Romanian SMEs.